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Choosing the right hair care masks for you

Hair care products are saviors when it comes to keeping our hair healthy. They help us keep our hair clean, grow well, and help prevent different kinds of damages that will weaken our hair. But with each of us having different hair types, it can be tricky to choose products that will rightly suit us. From shampoos, conditioners to even hair masks, it's essential that we choose products carefully to minimize the risks of various hair damages.

When it comes to hair masks, these are often used to nourish hair with all the essential nutrients required to maintain its health. But with the different types of hair masks available in the market, it could be confusing as to which one to choose for your current hair type/hair situation. To help you choose clearly, we've listed out a few hair masks and when you should choose to use them.


If you have curly hair: 

Women with curly hair standing

Curly hair types often need to be looked after extra well due to their complexity in texture and strength. Because of this, not all hair masks would be suitable for the nourishment required. Using hair masks formulated for curly hair like the DEVACURL MELT MOIST MASK will help you retain all essential nutrients to keep your hair healthy. Its water-based formula helps keep your curls well-defined, maintains structure, and moisturizes them well to prevent them from losing strength. 


If you have colored hair: 

women with red colored hair standing in front of a lake

Choosing hair products for colored hair can be tricky as they are more sensitive to damage and may not react well with any product. Using color-focused hair masks like the MATRIX BIOLAGE COLOR LAST MASK, will help hair color last longer and maintain its vibrancy. Its formula infused with orchid extracts, ensures that hair stays nourished while preventing any environmental damage. 


If you have dry hair: 

women with dry hair

Hair dryness is often the root cause for various subsequent damages and need to be treated at the earliest to prevent it. Using a moisturising hair mask like the MACADAMIA Nourishing Moisture Masque, helps retain natural moisture in hair, keeps it hydrated and prevents hair from any damage due to build-up of dryness.


If your hair is thinning out: 

Women with thin hair

Having your hair thin out can increase sensitivity to damage and also cause hair to fall out more. Using strengthening masks like the Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Hair Masque helps eliminate hair damage and provides deep conditioning, which is essential in restoring moisture and nutrients to keep your hair strong and healthy. 

Your hair type or current hair situation requires you to pay greater attention to the different hair care products you choose. Choosing hair masks that aren't focused on your hair requirements may not give you the results you need. If you fall into any of the above hair scenarios, make sure to look out for masks that are best suited for you. You can find the products listed on our website and shop them to help your hair stay nourished and grow well.

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