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Haircare tips to maintain strong curly hair

Being born with curly hair, you're sure to find yourself stuck between these two feelings. You're either thrilled by how it feels, how it looks, and how it compliments all your style choices. Or you find yourself overwhelmed with all the time, effort, and endless amounts of products used to take care of it. Taking care of curly hair can indeed be quite the task. But what if we told you some ways to make curly hair care a little easier?

1. Choosing the right shampoo

hair shampooing

One of the most basic but crucial steps to maintaining your curly hair is hair wash. A good hair wash is responsible for removing dust, dead skin cells, excess oils, or any other toxins that might be present in your hair. Choosing a nourishing shampoo such as AG Curl Revive Shampoo is the first step to ensuring your curly hair stays healthy. Enriched with hydrating coconut oil, sunflower oil, and an exclusive Curl Creating Complex (C3), it controls frizz, maintains moisture, reinvigorates curls, and gently cleanses hair without any harshness to your hair. 


2. Having a good conditioner on board


Curly hair is more prone to becoming dry and frizzy, which is why it must stay hydrated. A nourishing and hydrating conditioner is a must to help prevent damage to keep dryness and frizz away. The AG Curl Thrive Conditioner is enriched with an exclusive Curl Creating Complex (C3), quinoa protein, silk amino acids, and hyper-rich shea butter. It helps moisturize and strengthen your curly hair, reduce split ends and frizz while ensuring your curls stay nourished and well defined. 

3.Styling your hair well


Ensuring that your curls stay strong and well defined, it's necessary to use styling products soft on the curls. The AG Curl Trigger is alcohol-free and enriched with sea vegetable extracts that help your curls stay soft and maintain texture while also preventing your hair from drying out.


4.Avoid brushing your hair post-wash

brush your hair

A fundamental point to always keep in mind, is to never use a brush on freshly washed curly hair. It is more likely to disrupt the curls and also affect their texture. Instead, using a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair while conditioning will allow the conditioner to work through every inch of your hair and get rid of all the knots smoothly. 

Having curly hair is truly a blessing. But you don’t have to go over the top for its care. You can make your hair care process easy by following these simple tips. And to provide some additional help for your hair care journey, you can find all these products listed with us. So check them out today!


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