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Travel essentials for healthy and happy hair

Travelling to different places, be it to nearby or distant cities, can be a fun and thrilling experience. But amidst all the hustle and bustle of our travel plans, prioritising hair care can get challenging. And if we fail to look after our hair well, we might have to end up dealing with unpleasant hair damage during some of the most enjoyable moments we can have.

With the different environments that travelling can expose us to, it's necessary to take proper measures to keep our hair healthy. Carrying along the right hair care products can help prevent our hair from different kinds of damage, allowing it to feel its best during travels. To make travel hair care easy for you, we've listed out some essential products to include in your travel bag for healthy and damage-free hair.


Shampoo and Conditioner: 

The basics of every hair care routine, but one must never underestimate the protection a good shampoo and conditioner can provide. Using moisturising shampoos and conditioners like the Schwarzkopf Bc Moisture Kick Shampoo and the Schwarzkopf Bc Moisture Kick Conditioner, help you keep your hair clean, prevents damage, and also provides nourishment to your hair during your travels.


Hair oil: 

Hair oils are essential in preventing hair damage, retaining nourishment, and healthy hair growth. Gentle and nourishing hair oils like the milk_shake Argan Glistening Oil, protects hair from damage while giving it a healthy and natural glow while you travel. 

oil in hair


Hair masks:

Hair masks help retain essential nutrients and prevent hair from drying out while travelling. Nourishing masks like the K-18 Leave-in Molecular Repair Hair Mask, provides quick and easy treatment to your hair allowing it to stay healthy and youthful throughout your travels.

hair masks


Heatless styling products: 

Curling irons, straighteners are often used for trying out different hairstyles. But with travelling already exposing your hair to dust and other damaging particles, adding heat exposure from such tools will only increase the risk of hair damage. Using heatless styling products like the Professional Sebastian Shaper Fierce allows you to style your hair without any heat exposure and keep your hair voluminous and healthy. 

Taking up proper hair care is crucial for the healthy growth of hair. But to make sure hair stays healthy while we travel, we need to be extra mindful about the hair care routine we follow and the products we use. Carrying along these travel essential hair care products will not only allow your hair to look its best but also retain its health and prevent damage. To shop the best travel hair care products, you can find the products listed on our website and grab them for yourself to keep your hair healthy and happy for all your travels.

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