About Us

Within our shop and NOW available for purchase online, you will discover the best conditioners, shampoos, hair treatments, styling products, and styling tools to treat and care for your beautiful hair!

Many of our products are only found in beauty supply stores that only sold to licensed stylists/salons. However, we at Chrysalis Salon and Beauty Supply believe EVERY person deserves to have healthy, beautiful hair so we have made our entire line of brand name products available for our valued customers!


Meet Chryselle!

Owner of Chrysalis Salon and Beauty Supply, Chryselle began her career as a stewardess in a well established international airline Emirates before switching careers to hair styling due to the fact that she experienced her own hair health and styling issues over the years that she could not find answers to.

Chryselle took it upon herself to learn everything she could about hair care and treatment and eventually opened and ran her own salon in DUBAI-UAE for 3 years before choosing to move to Canada and buy and take over Chrysalis Salon and Beauty Supply which had been operating since 2017.

She has grown this business from being just a walk-in hair salon to also being a full-service online hair product store so that people from all over Canada can benefit from buying professional hair care products from the comfort of their home just with their fingertips.

Chryselle understands every woman and man experiences issues with their hair, just like she did, no matter what age, ethnicity, lifestyle, or job you do. Her opportunity to travel around the world and personally try and fully experience different hair products while understanding their uses made her very interested in hair and how she could help others with their hair care problems.


Meet Polly!

Polly is the Girl Boss behind Oui Beauty.  She envisioned and created her version of a place where women can come and relax, and leave feeling great in their skin.  Oui beauty is your destination for anything lashes and brows. PLUS bonus naps or therapy sessions are always included in all appointments!    

Polly is passionate about creating change in the beauty industry. As a result, Oui Beauty is dedicated to using products which are cruelty free, vegan and as waste free as possible.  When choosing the brands that we use, we look for Canadian, female-owned brands that choose to operate their business in the most ethical and Eco-sustainable way possible. Beauty shouldn't be cruel, and we want you to leave your appointment knowing that you are part of the change!


Our Mission & Values

Chrysalis Salon and Beauty Supply’s core value is to help people find hair care solutions and solve their hair problems as every person should have the opportunity to feel beautiful and love their hair! Visit us in person at our beautiful salon where you will be welcomed by our talented staff of stylists or browse our substantial collection of hair care and styling products to discover just how healthy and beautiful your hair can be!