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At Home Fun Activities To Celebrate This Mother's Day

There's a reason why people say that our mothers are the most solid support systems we have in our lives. Right from holding us when we took our first steps to calming our anxieties on the first day of school or just about any crucial moment in our lives, our mothers have always supported us and guided us to make sure we would be okay. They work round-the-clock to ensure that their children don't face discomfort and are always doing little things to bring happiness.

As we grow older, we understand the efforts our mothers put in for us. We become more appreciative, and we want to give back, do something nice for them. With Mother's Day around the corner, it's the perfect time to celebrate your mothers by spoiling her with love and spending some quality time with her. And if you need ideas on what to do, here are five activities for spending quality time with your mothers this Mother's day. 

Have a home picnic: A summer family in the park is always a refreshing idea for some quality time. But since venturing out due to present scenarios is difficult, you can always set up one at home. Cook up some of your mother's favourite snacks, make a small picnic set up in your garden or living room and treat her to a fun picnic from the comforts of your home.


Movie Marathons: Sitting back and watching your favourite movies is a simple but engaging activity. Ask your mother about her favourite movies and grab some snacks and drinks and watch them together. A relaxing activity that's hard to go wrong.


Nostalgia sessions: There must've been moments where you wondered about the person your mother was before she became a mother. Have an engaging chat with her. Learn something new about your mother, and maybe even get to know some fun, adventurous stories from her past.


Engage in a hobby: Ask your mother what some of her hobbies are. Pick something that everyone can work on together and spend some time with this. It'll be fun, you get quality time with your mother, and you might even pick up a new hobby yourself.

Have a home spa session: Everyone loves a good pamper session. Chances are, your mother does too. Gather a manicure kit or your go-to hair care products, and maybe get a new hair makeover with your mother. We've got you covered for all your hair care needs with a special Mother's Day gift card on our website. Grab one now and spoil your mother well! 


The onset of a global pandemic does limit your options if you planned on outdoor activities. But at-home activities can be equally fun and engaging too. So you don't have to miss out on any fun this Mother's Day. Celebrate well and let your mother know how much you appreciate everything she does.