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Although you may feel like you've been dealt a bad hand in the hair department, there are plenty of ways to make your thin hair appear thicker.


Have you ever washed your hair in the reverse order? If you have thin hair, this a trick u will want to try. While a conditioner can weigh down your strands or make them too soft to hold a hairstyle, shampooing after a conditioner creates the perfect texture for building volume into your hair.

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If you have Thin Hair, the last thing you want is for your strands to break. As your hair breaks off, the mid-lengths and ends become thinner, so it's important to use a deep conditioning hair mask to keep this from happening. 
Use it as a pre-shampoo treatment so you don't run the risk of weighing down your hair.
Products formulated with fine hair in mind 
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A ceramic barrel brush can work wonders on your hair when you blow dry it. It will make your hair appear thicker and bouncer, giving it enhanced volume. 
ANOTHER TRICK: Rather than blowing downwards on your roots with your blow dryer, get the brush under your roots and lift upwards as you dry.
Product that have been formulated with fine hair in mind:
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Root Powders, Fibres or Shots don't just covers greys, they also create the illusion of thicker hair. Find a tinted root powder, shot or Fiber that matches the color of your roots and blend it in where your scalp is more exposed.
Products formulated with fine hair in mind 
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Teasing your roots with a fine tooth comb is one of the best ways to give volume to your roots.
Back comb your hair near the roots to give your hair height. Then comb your hair lightly over to smooth it soo that it doesn't look like it's teased or ratty.
Products formulated with fine hair in mind 
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Since sleeping on your hair can leave it flat and dull, try sleeping with your hair in a BRAID or an UPDO. 
Create a simple BRAID, or twist your hair into small sections and pin it up before hitting the sack. This allows you to maintain volume and style so you won't have to use heat tools on it the next day.
Although we're taught you use dry shampoo to give life to second or third day hair, but if you struggle with thin hair, using it on clean hair can boost it's volume. 
Using Dry Shampoo as a texturizing  spray will create extra texture  and grip, leading to gorgeous volume.
Just keep in mind, you don't want to dull down the shine of your hair, so hold the bottle far enough away from your strands while applying it.
Products formulated with fine hair in mind 
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