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Choosing the best hair oils to encourage healthy hair growth

Similar to how our skin requires the best quality products for its care, our hair requires gentle products to make sure that its health isn't compromised. Good hair products make all the difference for hair health and are a necessity for encouraging growth and minimising the risk of damage.

Like shampoos and conditioners, hair oils are essential for making sure that we maintain good hair health. Consistently massaging your scalp with nourishing oils stimulates growth and also builds strength with necessary nutrients. But with the different hair oils available in the market, we need to be aware of how each one of them can help hair growth. That's why we've listed out some of the best hair oils and how they're beneficial for healthy hair. 

  1. Coconut Oil:

    One of the most common hair oils available, coconut oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that penetrate deep into the root and help revitalise your hair from any dryness and damage.

  2. Almond Oil:

    Rich in vitamin E and essential minerals, almond oil is best suited to help revitalise damaged hair. It helps reduce dryness, dandruff and boosts hair strength for healthy growth.

  3. Sunflower Oil:

    High in anti-inflammatory properties, sunflower oil is best suited for sensitive scalps. It helps reduce the proneness of dandruff and reduce the risk of breakage. 
    sunflower seeds

  4. Lavender Oil:

    An essential oil derived from lavender flowers, lavender oil contains antiseptic properties that are ideal to control dandruff, stimulate hair growth and even preventing hair loss. lavendar

Hair oils are necessary to incorporate into our care routine for healthy hair growth. They allow the hair to stay well-nourished and increases its strength to help fight off damage. For ensuring that your hair has a strong growth, do not forget to oil your hair regularly for the best results!

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