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Encouraging the growth of healthy and voluminous hair

Having healthy, voluminous hair is something we all wish to have. Not only does it feel good, but it also gives us an added boost of confidence to try out different styles and maybe even take up some bold ones. But maintaining hair volume doesn't come easy if we don't care for it well.

With constant exposure to dust, heat, and hectic lifestyles, our hair faces the risk of damage and further thinning out, resulting in loss of volume. But despite these, we have to take the necessary steps required for our hair to stay healthy and hold its volume well. That's why we've listed out some ways that will help you to protect your hair volume from damage.

  • Choose the right volumizing products: 

Women applying product

Hair care products are often targeted towards a specific hair requirement. Using products that focus on building volume can help you better achieve the results you want. Volume enhancing products like the WELLA EIMI Extra Volume Mousse Hold focus on developing hair volume while also ensuring that your hair stays hydrated and healthy.

  • Improve your diet: 

Women eating salad

When it comes to your hair, never underestimate how your diet can affect its growth and volume. Incorporating foods rich in protein, iron, and biotin can help you maintain healthy hair and enhance volume.

  • Massage your scalp well:

Massaging a women's scalp

While shampooing or applying hair oil, massaging your scalp well increases blood flow and stimulate hair follicles in the scalp, which help in boosting hair growth and enhancing volume as well.

  • Use hot tools with care: 

Women blow drying her hair

Excessive use of equipments like curling wands or straighteners can cause hair to dry and thin out because of their heat. When necessary, make use of tools like the BABYLISS PRO 3/4 19MM Hot Air Styler. Designed with soft nylon bristles and structured heat control, it allows you to style your hair without causing dryness and loss of volume.

Losing out on hair volume can feel rough, which is why it's necessary to take appropriate measures to prevent that. Being more mindful about your products and daily care routines, can all affect the growth and volume of your hair. Keeping these simple ways in mind will help you enhance hair growth and volume. To further assist you, you can check out the products listed on our website and shop for any product you need to help keep your hair healthy and full of volume!

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