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Fighting Hairfall This Summer

Summertime brings with it a series of eventful moments that make for some of the best memories. Travelling to new cities, weekends at the beach, experimenting with new styles, and much more, the summer season is one that brings in fun and relaxing moments for many. But on the downside, the excessive heat and humidity also leads to an increase in hair fall for many. 

Hair fall on its own is an everyday hair issue that many of us face. To have it increase in hot summer months between the good things planned is an additional worry that nobody wants. Some reasons for this include - the drying out of hair due to excess heat, aggravated dandruff, exposure to chlorine, etc. Fortunately, making sure you take extra care of your hair during the hot summer months can stop the unpleasant experience of excessive summer hair fall. Here are some tips that will help you keep summer hair fall away and not dampen your fun plans.


1. Avoid excessive shampooing

Keeping your scalp clean during warm temperatures is vital for reducing hair fall. But excessive washing could strip the hair from its natural oils. Washing your hair with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo such as the Moroccanoil Smoothing Shampoo will help you keep your hair healthy and clean. Enriched with argan oil and argan butter, it restores depleted amino acids and helps your hair combat the hot weather.


2. A good hair oil massage

Massaging your scalp with a good, nourishing hair oil maintains adequate blood circulation and keeps hair strong. The milk_shake Argan Glistening Oil - 50ml is reparative and protective in nature. These components help keep hair strong and healthy through the summer months.


3. Keep yourself hydrated

The advice to drink more water is passed around for almost everything. But drinking sufficient water hydrates your body and hair, keeping it cool to fight the heat of summer.


4. Reduce the use of hot tools

Using hair straighteners, curling wands, and other styling tools to try new hairstyles is fun. But at the same time, the heat eliminated from these tools can dry out your hair and increase hair fall. With the summer months bringing in an extra punch of heat, minimising the use of these tools will prevent your hair from excessive dryness and hair fall.


People lie in anticipation of summer every year to live some of the best moments of their lives. It's a time where people want to indulge in merriment and relaxation. And hair issues such as excessive hair fall shouldn't be the reason why such moments aren't lived to the fullest. 


This summer, make a little extra effort to make sure your hair stays healthy with these simple tips in mind. To help you out, you can shop the products mentioned along with many more from our Summer Collection and have your hair feeling its best during this fun season.


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