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Hair care for healthy winter hair

As the season of Fall comes close to bidding us farewell, we can start looking forward to colder days, layered styles, and warm comfort food of winter. And with the new season on its way, preparing ourselves for the changing weather conditions can help us make sure we stay healthy every day.

With the chills of the cold weather approaching, these weather changes can significantly impact your hair. Unfortunately, if we aren't careful, extreme cold conditions can increase the risk of hair damage. To make sure you have your hair at its healthiest this winter, here are some hair care tips to help beat the cold weather chills. 

Deep moisturise your hair:

Cold weather lays the foundation for hair dryness. Keeping your hair moisturised deeply prevents dryness and buildup of subsequent damage. Moisturising masks like the MACADAMIA Nourishing Moisture Masque provide deep moisturisation right into the roots, ensuring minimised damage and healthy hair. 


Wear a hat for protection:

Wearing a hat not only helps you with a fun look, but also protects your hair by minimising its exposure to cold air or snow, preventing them from causing damage to your hair.



Don't forget hair oil:

Hair oil is best suited to help revitalise damaged hair. It provides your hair with the necessary nourishment, thereby giving it the strength to stay healthy in all seasons.
hair oils


Cut away the split ends:

Split ends are one of the most common hair issues we all face. Leaving them unattended can cause damage buildup and increase breakage. Trimming off accumulating split ends with the arrival of winter will help you keep your hair refreshed and ready for all the adventures of a new season. 

cut split ends


With winter approaching soon, ensuring that your hair has a healthy environment and proper care is necessary. It minimises the risk of various hair issues to encourage growth and hair strength. To make sure your hair doesn't face any damage and feels its best with the arrival of winter, follow a healthy hair care routine for a season full of good hair days!

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