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Hair Care Tips To Avoid Summer Dryness

Summertime often means the rising anticipation of vacation plans, beach visits, and many more fun activities. But on the unpleasant side, it also means significant seasonal changes like rising heat and humidity. And while these changes are unavoidable, they can affect our body and hair health if we fail to take the necessary care to stay healthy. 

Seasonal changes that take place during summer can increase dryness in our hair. Exposure to the rising can cause hair to lose moisture, which is essential to keep hair strong and healthy. Making sure to have a hair care routine that focuses on moisturising your hair will reduce the chances of dryness and subsequent hair damage. To help you build a healthy hair care routine this season, here are some ways in which you can prevent dryness and damage.


1. Make use of a nourishing shampoo

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Using shampoos that help retain moisture and nutrients in your hair instead will help you keep your hair strong and healthy. The Mixed Chicks Sulfate Free Shampoo is enriched with water, natural oils, and aloe extracts that help prevent hair dryness, loss of nutrients and moisture.


2. Avoid heavily concentrated products

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While it's understandable to try out different hair products, not all of them are healthy for your hair. Some of them are infused with chemicals that strip the hair of its natural moisture, which results in dryness. Using a moisturizing product like the Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Leave-In Conditioner, prevents hair from losing essential moisture levels and maintains its strength.


3. Avoid rough towel use

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Towel drying your hair is an easy way to get rid of excess water after shampooing, but it also causes hair to roughen out and builds dryness. Instead, pat down your hair gently or even allow it to dry naturally without any external stress. 


4.Nourish hair with heat-protective products

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The growing heat in summer is one of the leading causes of dry and damaged hair. Treating your hair with products that focus on heat protection like the Revlon Uniqone coconut Hair Treatment will allow you to prevent dryness, loss of moisture, and retain hair strength. 

Dryness in hair not only feels unpleasant, but it also leads to a build-up of hair damage if not treated well. With the growing heat that summer brings, our hair is more prone to dryness, and it's necessary for us to take steps to prevent it. Following a structured hair care routine with these steps in mind will allow you to keep dryness away and minimise the chances of hair damage. To help you out with this process, you can shop the products listed from our Summer Collection for the best hair care this season!

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