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Keeping Hair Damage Away During Summer Travels

Summer travel plans are something many of us eagerly await. From visiting new and different places, to experiencing various activities, these activities add to the moments we cherish. However, amidst all the travelling fun, it's easy to overlook the essential care that our hair needs. Especially with the heat that summer brings, the more we overlook haircare, the more damaging it can be. 

Travelling during the hot summer days means that our hair is more likely to face exposure to dust. And when dust accumulates, it increases the chances of significant hair damage. To avoid this, it's essential that we look after our hair when we travel to different places, especially in the summer. Making sure we carry the right products and follow a care routine can definitely help you out, which is why we've listed out some simple ways on how you can keep your hair healthy through all your summer travels.


  • Styling your hair practically: 

 women tieing her hair

It's understandable that one would prefer to look their best during their travels. Styling your hair practically in a gentle tied-up hairstyle will help you keep your hair relaxed, out of the way and reduce exposure to damaging dust particles. 

  • Carry protective hair accessories: 

women with hat drinking out of a sipper in the summer heat

Protecting your hair from the hot rays of the sun is a necessary step in making sure that your hair stays healthy in summer, especially while you travel. Carrying protective accessories like a hat or a scarf to shield your hair, protects it from harmful UV rays and excessive humidity that can cause damage.

  • Using a dry shampoo for a quick cleanse: 

women hair spraying

Travelling can expose hair to various damaging dust particles, but it may not be possible to wash our hair very often while out and about. Using a gentle dry shampoo like the Professional Sebastian Dry-Clean Only, helps you achieve a quick clean and keep hair refreshed.

  • Incorporating nourishing treatments in your routine: 

women hair coloring

To combat the dust and heat exposure that your hair is subjected to while travelling, it's crucial to use hair care products that help with maintaining nourishment. The Revlon Uniqone Classic Hair Treatment, prevents hair from drying out due to heat, controls frizziness, and helps you retain your hair's natural shine. 

Travel plans during summer are activities we all look forward to. But it's important that we don't forget to take care of hair amidst our wandering. Having to deal with damaged hair during your travel would be incredibly unpleasant, but fortunately, if one follows these simple tips, keeping hair damage away will become easier. To help you out, you can find the products listed in our Summer Collection that will keep your hair strong and healthy for all your summer travels. 

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