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Nutritious foods to help you grow soft and healthy hair

We're all well aware of the various hair care products needed for the growth of healthy hair. From shampoos to hair masks, each product is carefully formulated to enable healthy growth for each hair type and also help in reducing hair damage. But the sole use of hair care products isn't the gateway to healthy hair. Along with them, a nutritious diet is also a vital element that helps you strengthen and grow your hair well.

With the different types of foods available and each of them having its own benefits, understanding what exactly will benefit your hair can be tricky to understand. To ensure you have a nutritious food intake for your hair, we've listed some healthy foods you should consider including in your regular diets.



A rich source of protein and biotin, including eggs in your everyday diet can encourage healthy hair growth. Proteins are essential for healthy hair follicles, which prevent excessive hair fall. Biotin is responsible for the creation of keratin, a hair protein that boosts hair strength and growth. A deficit of these nutrients could weaken your hair and put it at a greater risk of different kinds of damages.eggs



Berries are concentrated with essential vitamins, mainly vitamin C, which strengthens hair follicles with its antioxidant properties, thereby preventing hair from becoming brittle and breaking off. 



A healthy intake of spinach in your diet means the addition of nutrients like folate and iron, which are essential for encouraging healthy hair growth. It is also a source of vitamin A which helps create sebum - a substance responsible for keeping your scalp healthy and moisturised. 



Nuts are a great source of minerals, B vitamins, and essential fatty acids. These nutrients help in boosting hair strength and also improve overall health, which makes nuts the perfect addition to your everyday diet. 



Similarly to how there's stress on a healthy diet intake to keep the rest of our body healthy, it's equally necessary for healthy hair too. Going ahead, incorporate these nutritious foods into your regular diets, in addition to gentle hair care products, which you can shop on our website to help your hair grow strong and grow well.

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