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Overcoming The Fear Of Hair Colour

Let's be honest. We've all found ourselves intrigued with the world of hair color. With the various styles, the mix and match combinations, it's eye-catching to see how a change in hair colour can make you feel like a new person. While some dare to dive in headfirst into this world, some of us are a little hesitant, considering the fear of hair damage and the efforts needed to keep the colour looking fresh. But fear shouldn't hold you back from fun experiences, so what do you do?


women having her hair colored blue


Colour-treated hair always calls for extra gentle care. A mild, hydrating shampoo is a must to keep it nourished and reduce the risk of damage. The Milk_shake Color Maintainer Shampoo ensures that your hair colour retains its beauty and vitality just like the first day. Enriched with milk proteins and the patented integrity 41 complex, it helps replenish hair cuticles. These key components also help protect the hair from damaging sun rays and prevents the color from fading out fast. 


Women having her hair bleached


Coloured hair also requires a good conditioning companion. The Milk_shake Color Maintainer Conditioner ensures the retainment of optimal moisture to keep your hair soft and maintain the balance of the colour treatment. Its exclusive concept and integrity 41 complex focus on soothing the hair and scalp. It helps hydrates hair cuticles, which prevents the color from drying out and damaging hair texture. 


hair products

While taking care of coloured hair can be tricky, you don't need to overwhelm yourself with hundreds of products to make it happen. These simple yet essential products are sufficient for getting the job done. To make it a little easier for you, you can find these products listed on our website. Give them a go, and don't hold yourself back from that fun hair colour you've always wanted to try out!

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