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Self Care Practices To Help Make A Difference


While self-care practices are something most of us are aware of, there are times when we do fall short in actively engaging ourselves in them. To have a self-care practice or routine isn't just about a simple time off or doing absolutely nothing, but more towards improving physical and mental well-being. And no matter how much we understand their value, routine self-care activities are frequently left ignored.

On the occasion of International Self Care Day, we want to highlight why self-care routines are significant for improving our day to day lives. Through all the busy schedules we have to deal with, self-care activities often become a lesser priority even though it's necessary to make an effort to take them up. To help make things easier, we've listed out some activities that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine without too much of a fuss.


1. Move your body often: 

woman exercising

Moving your body doesn't necessarily mean the involvement of heavy exercise. Taking a simple walk around your neighbourhood or carrying out a ten-minute stretch routine, can help boost your overall energy and have you feeling fresh throughout the day.


2. Assign yourself a hobby time: 

mother daughter painting

When we get occupied with the busy activities of our lives, we often leave behind the hobbies that were once an active part of us. Set aside a fixed amount of time in your day, even if it's a thirty-minute slot. Dedicate this time to a hobby that may be something new, or an activity you left behind in your childhood.


3. Cutting down heavy screen time: 


At present, majority of our work demands us to spend time in front of screens engaging with an online world. Not only can this get overwhelming, but it can also lead to severe exhaustion. Incorporating an offline activity to indulge in, such as reading a book, cooking, knitting, or anything else, will help you keep yourself refreshed and reduce stress. 


4. Having a pamper session: 


A good pamper session is one of the most relaxing forms of self-care. Whether that's by taking yourself out to get your hair and nails done or indulging in some styling activities at home, pampering yourself builds the self-appreciation needed in stressful times. If you're choosing to carry out a pamper session at home, our Self Care Collection has got you covered for anything you need to help you feel your best!

Self-care practices play a crucial role in helping us live a healthy and balanced life. While these are just a few amongst many activities, it's necessary that we all push ourselves to take up at least one form of self-care in our day to day routines. Not only will it boost your health, but it will also help you grow into the best version of yourself.

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