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Summer Hair Myths That Need To Be Busted

Summer's here, and the air around us is brimming with the spirit of exciting plans, carefree styles, and relaxing from the daily bustle of life. It's the season that people look forward to, for making memories and living through new experiences. However, summer also means the arrival of excess heat and humidity. And with these seasonal changes, one needs to ensure that their body gets the necessary care to cope well with the heat. 

When it comes to our hair, trying out new summer styles is exciting for many. And with the excessive heat this season brings, it's necessary to make sure that our hair gets the extra care if we want our fun styles to stand out. While there are many tips and tricks that one can come across for summer hair care, keeping track of what actually works and what are just myths passed around is difficult. To make sure you take care of your hair the right way this summer, we've listed some hair care myths that need to be kept away:

Frizzy summer hair can be fixed with water - Myth: 

Trying to control frizz with just water will yield the opposite results. Frizziness in hair will increase instead of going away. To get it under control, using a gentle, moisturising conditioner such as the Moroccanoil Smoothing Conditioner will help keep frizz away. It restores depleted amino acids and tames frizz with antioxidant argan oil and argan butter, leaving your hair feeling soft and healthy.

Using hair oil during summers is unhealthy - Myth: 

lady putting drops in her hair

Oiling your hair during the hot summer months is actually a vital step in making sure your hair stays healthy. Using a nourishing hair oil such as the JOICO Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil ensures that the hair retains its natural nutrients and stays healthy to cope with the excess heat of the summer months. 

Cutting your hair short is the only way to keep it healthy - Myth:

Girl getting her hair cut

The health of your hair depends on the steps you take for its care rather than the length. If needed, one can trim roughed-up ends to keep hair strong and reduce the amount of hair fall during summer. 

Significant seasonal changes call for extra care to make sure your hair doesn't go through a lot of damage. While it's crucial to keep yourself aware of various myths in the hair care environment, it's also necessary to listen to how your hair behaves and reacts with weather changes. Being mindful of this will help you care for your hair well and in the right way. 

With the hot summer months now present, take the extra steps necessary to keep your hair healthy by keeping yourself away from such myths. And for additional help, you can find the products listed with us along with a special Summer Collection to help keep your hair healthy and happy. 

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