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EyEnvy Serum

Here's Canada's #1 salon exclusive lash conditioner! 

It is making its way across the globe and it is increasingly becoming everyone's must-have serum! The serum provides length, fullness, thickness and darkness to your own natural lashes, making you look like the star that you are.

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Self care

Popular among men

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Chrysalis - The Journey So Far

While owning a hair care store wasn’t Chryselle Dias’s original career path, it was the path where her knowledge and skills were needed. With her hair care skills and a will to help people solve their hair issues, she turned Chrysalis Salon and Beauty Supply into a business that truly cares.

Bridging The Men's Care Product Gap This Father's Day

This Father's Day, let us encourage better, healthy self-care amongst not only the wonderful fathers out there but amongst all men too. Access to good quality care products shouldn't have to fall short for anyone. So let us try and bridge this gap and make this Father's Day a beneficial one for all. 

Making The World More Accepting This Pride Month

Pride Month serves as a strong reminder about the LGBTQ+ community's continuous fight for a safer and more accepting world. This time, let us take a stand to educate ourselves and become better allies so that we can all contribute towards a better world for a community that truly needs it.

Let's Fight Frizzy Hair

How often have you experienced the unpleasantness of stubborn, frizzy hair? It's the complete opposite of how you'd like your hair to look and feel. Fortunately, frizziness in hair is not a permanent issue. With these few simple tips, you can ensure that your hair stays healthy, smooth, and frizz-free.